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Ready, Willing and Able is our supported employment programme for people with learning disabilities and people who are autistic. We support people who are looking to move into work, develop their career and realise their ambitions.

At the heart of Ready, Willing and Able is inclusion, with the person always at the centre of the programme. We have over 220 years of experience supporting people with learning disabilities, autistic people and people with sight loss to achieve extraordinary things, and our Ready, Willing and Able programme now enables participants to realise their ambitions around paid employment. It also gives employers the opportunity to recruit enthusiastic and talented individuals who will become valued employees.

Meet Ready, Willing & Able

We believe that everyone should be able to work if you want to, no matter your background or ability. Our team supports people on their journey to employment, from start to finish.

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The story so far

Just like our participants, we too are on a journey and there’s still plenty of work to do. Here’s where we came from and what we’ve achieved so far.

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Employer Support Training

Are you just starting out on your inclusive employment journey? Or have you started, but you've got questions? 

That's great! Our Employer Support Training can set you on the right path.

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Are you ready?
Whether you’re looking to start your journey to employment or you’re an employer looking to support people with disabilities into work, get in touch at to find out more.

7 years of searching

Beatrix has been ready to work since she left school, but despite her drive and willingness, she’d found it increasingly difficult to get a paid job. Beatrix found her job after 7 years of searching thanks to support from the Ready, Willing and Able team.