We believe everyone deserves the chance to have a career, not just a job. Our supported employment programme is here to make this happen, so that every person we support can reach their dreams.

We support people who have learning disabilities and people who are autistic. We work with you to help break down any barriers or challenges you’re struggling with. You might already be employed, but are struggling to ask for those reasonable adjustments that would make you more successful in your career. Or you might be looking for a job, but don’t know where to start.

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We can help - all we ask is that you’re motivated! Our Ready, Willing and Able supported employment coaches will provide all the support you need to secure employment and transition into work. They will be the link between you and potential employers, to ensure your new career is a good fit for both you and your new employer.

"Supported employment coaches will work with you to complete a vocational profile to map out the steps to take to move you closer to employment. We can provide guidance to help with CV writing, interview skills, filling in applications, travel support, in-work support, job coaching and connecting you with relevant help services."

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In-work support

We have a range of person-centred in-work support that supports your wants and needs in the workplace. The support varies depending on the individual and allows us to provide support when needed. This can include, but is not limited to:

  • Job coaching
  • Training support
  • Initial introduction
  • Understanding preferred communication methods between employers and employees 
  • Providing guidance on reasonable adjustments
  • Providing support to apply for access to work
  • Advising employers on visual aids and appropriate technology
  • Working with employers to advise on professional development plans and career progression
  • Mediating between employers and employees for any problems or concerns
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Breaking down barriers

Creating Connections is a partnership between SeeAbility and Learning Disability England (LDE) and their members. The project supports people to learn new skills so that you can use the internet safely to create new friendships, interests or find employment.

Creating Connections is all about breaking down barriers to technology, so that you can have access to the tools you need to find the career you want.


Ian using a touch screen computer

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