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Beatrix serves up employment success

Finding the job you’ve always wanted can be challenging, but for people with learning disabilities, the chances of finding and keeping work are even harder.

7 years of searching

Beatrix has been ready to work since she left school, but despite her drive and willingness, she’d found it increasingly difficult to get a paid job.

Engaging with her local Job Centre, Beatrix tried for seven years to find employment, but didn’t succeed. That’s when SeeAbility’s supported employment programme Ready, Willing and Able stepped in.

A fresh start

Joining our programme in May 2021, Beatrix was given her own supported employment coach to help her develop her skills and prepare for work. Working together they then looked to find employment opportunities, all the while working on her interview technique.

Finally, in June Beatrix secured an interview to work as a waitress at an award-winning restaurant in Bristol. In response to her cheery personality and her hard work with her Ready, Willing and Able coach, Beatrix was offered the job, bringing her seven year search to an end. Beatrix explains how it’s changed her life:

“It feels really, really good. It’s nice to earn actual money. By having a proper job, I feel a weight has lifted off my shoulders. Life is a lot less stressful not having to look for a job.”

Showing her experience

It may be her first paid job, but Beatrix isn’t on completely new ground, thanks to her years of volunteering at a charity shop. Her customer service experience and passion for meeting new people has prepared her for her new environment in hospitality. Commenting on what she enjoys the most, Beatrix says:

“I’m enjoying getting out and about and meeting new people. When I didn’t have a job I would only be meeting my job coach and family, so it’s nice to meet new people and learn new things.”

Her Ready, Willing and Able supported employment coach, Rhian Airey says it’s no surprise that Beatrix finally found work, now she has the right support:

“Beatrix’s caring and kind personality is something you’re instantly drawn to. From the start, she welcomed me politely with a big smile and lots of motivation. She put her all into finding work and when she was set a task she achieved it with flying colours. We’re so happy for her.”

Ready, Willing and Able

Our supported employment programme helps people with learning disabilities and people who are autistic prepare for, find and keep work. The people we support are often looking for their first job. Our supported employment coaches help employers to see beyond their disability to assess their skills just like everyone else.

Beatrix says the support offered has been invaluable:

“The support has been fantastic. Some of the best employment support I have ever had. It made it easier to find potential job opportunities and it was much easier not doing it on my own. Knowing Rhian will help me has felt like having a safety net. It’s taken a long time to get the safety net I needed.”

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