We don't underestimate people

SeeAbility provides extraordinary support and champions better eye care for people with learning disabilities and autism, many of whom have sight loss

1500000 people with a learning disability in the UK

28x more likely

Children with a learning disability are 28 times more likely to have serious sight problems.

10x more likely

Adults with a learning disability are 10 times more likely to have serious sight problems.

Objectives Title

SeeAbility's purpose:

enrich the lives of people with sight loss and multiple disabilities through six key areas

Jordan hanging up his washing

We're looking for a new housemate! - Seaford

Find an optometrist

Use our map to search a database of optometrists who make reasonable adjustments for people with learning disabilities.
Find an optometrist

SeeAbility holding an event to teach people with learning disabilities to look after their eyes

Go to our eye care information

A support worker helps Lana to sort out her finacnes

Become a support worker

Tom supported to have hydrotherapy

Looking after their health and well-being

A man SeeAbility supports learns a life skill, doing his own shopping

Maintaining and developing life skills

Sadick making choices, going to Silverstone to watch Formula 1

                Making choices                           

Gabby makes tea in her flat, she lives in a place that meets her needs

Living in a place which meets their needs

Lucy is a valued part of her community and works in a local cafe

Being a valued part of their community

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