Ready, Willing and Able gives businesses a competitive advantage by helping you tap into a vast pool of talent that often goes unrecognised.

We recognise that many employers may view inclusive recruitment as a step into the unknown, which they don’t have the confidence to take without support. That’s where we come in. Ready, Willing and Able is here to support employers every step of the way.

Our specialist supported employment coaches provide the link between the employer and participant. They act as facilitators, using a range of dedicated support and training packages to make the programme a success and ensure a good fit for all involved.

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Inclusivity and diversity

The coronavirus pandemic accelerated conversations on diversity and inclusion in a way we could never have imagined. In the ‘new world order’, workforce inclusivity is higher on the agenda than ever before – in fact it’s a key indicator of the social conscience of your business.

By becoming involved with Ready, Willing and Able, you’ll join an ever-growing community of employers seen as leading the way in their business sectors and beyond.

Corporate Social Responsibility is directly linked to customers’ emotional connection with a brand. With the greater emphasis on ‘community’ that Covid has brought, businesses who can demonstrate they’re actively ‘walking the walk’ will have increased cut-through.

Value and innovation

Commercial value

Customers are drawn to companies that share their values. Now, more than ever, consumers across all sectors are increasingly basing spending decisions around ethics and how an organisation conducts its business.


Successful organisations are those that think ‘smart’ by including diverse experiences and viewpoints within their staff teams. People of different backgrounds and lived experiences bring different ways of thinking, viewing the world and creative problem solving – all of which bring innovation and diversity to your business.

Competitive advantage

Ready, Willing and Able gives your business access to a vast pool of talent – you may find someone your business simply can’t afford to be without.

Happy employees

Providing an equitable working environment will encourage loyalty and wider engagement, leading to better retention and reduced absence.

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Feeling daunted? You shouldn't be.

All the evidence shows that organisations with inclusive workforces have better staff morale, leading to obvious benefits in productivity, reduced absence and reduced turnover.

Not only that, but a diverse workforce with original thoughts and ideas can more readily enable innovation, therefore helping to unlock untapped markets and potential. People with disabilities have a variety of exceptional skills that are overlooked all too often - resilience, creativity, reliability, persistence… and the list goes on.

Some businesses have a perception that employing a diverse workforce comes at a high cost - financially, competitively and culturally. But it needn’t - and we’re here to support you all the way. By joining our programme you’ll be part of a partnership that benefits both your employees and your business.

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If Ready, Willing and Able sounds like a good fit for you or your organisation, please contact our Head of Supported Employment at rwa@seeability.org to discuss how we can work together.