Abigail's story

16-year-old Abigail spent ten years where school was nothing but a blurred world, all she needed was a simple pair of glasses.Read more

Ellie's story

Ellie relies on her eyes to communicate by using Eye Gaze technology so looking after her eyes and vision is so important.Read more

Leon's story

Leon found it very difficult to get his sight tested, but thanks to SeeAbility, he can now see clearly.Read more

Kiyana's story

Kiyana is a lively, fun-loving little girl who, thanks to SeeAbility, can now see her world more clearly.Read more

Brandon's story

Brandon has autism and is largely non-verbal. Nobody had realised he couldn't see out of his right eye until SeeAbility sight tested him at his special school.Read more

Estera's story

Estera was born with Angelman Syndrome, but SeeAbility were able to sight test this active and smiley four-year-old in her special school.Read more

Nasir's story

Nasir has Down's syndrome and autism. SeeAbility's visits to his special school have allowed him to get the eye care he needs.Read more

Nathaniel's story

No one knew just how much Nathaniel needed glasses until SeeAbility visited his special school to give him a sight test.Read more

Lana's story

Lana's vision is blurred without glasses. SeeAbility were able to sight test her even though she can't speak.Read more