Read incredible stories from people we support and how SeeAbility has impacted their lives.

Emma’s story - Finding the right words

Finding work can be challenging at the best of times, but the process is so much more difficult when you can’t find the right words to sell yourself. This is Emma's story.

Joanne’s vision

Growing up with a learning disability, Joanne has always been passionate about making community services accessible for more people like her.

Beatrix serves up employment success

Beatrix tried for seven years to find employment, but didn’t succeed. That’s when SeeAbility’s supported employment programme Ready, Willing and Able stepped in.

Jan's story

Kerry is thrilled by the changes in her sister Jan’s wellbeing since Jan started being supported by SeeAbility.

Grace's story

Finally getting the eye care she needed, Grace is now living the life she dreamed of.

Sammy's story

When we first met Sammy, we were told she had been blind for over 40 years. But when we started to investigate what she could really see, it changed her life.