Read incredible stories from people we support and how SeeAbility has impacted their lives.

Jan's story

Kerry is thrilled by the changes in her sister Jan’s wellbeing since Jan started being supported by SeeAbility.

Grace's story

Finally getting the eye care she needed, Grace is now living the life she dreamed of.

Sammy's story

When we first met Sammy, we were told she had been blind for over 40 years. But when we started to investigate what she could really see, it changed her life.

Danny's story

It was only when the team at Fiennes House really got to know Danny, that he started living the life he wanted.

James' story

After his accident James struggled with confidence. But with SeeAbility's support, James has found the self-belief to start dating.

Ed's story

Support from SeeAbility has been life-changing not just for Ed, but for his whole family.

Joanne's story

Joanne's support from her physio has been essential in keeping her active and able to take part.

Kayleigh's story

Kayleigh defies limitations from her disabilities to live an exciting and action-packed life.

Susie's story

Susie can now see her world more clearly and has taken up a new hobby.