Ciaran and his mum

Understanding Ciaran's sight

Ciaran's mum, Maria, writes on the impact SeeAbility had on Ciaran's sight.

Ciaran’s eye care journey with SeeAbility has been nothing short of miraculous. I didn’t realise, nor did Ciaran, just how much he needed glasses. 
From when he was very small, when he started walking, he’d always be wherever the TV was, almost standing on top of it.  Looking back, it’s clear that in order to experience something he had to be close to it – to see it. 
Until SeeAbility stepped in, he’d not had an actual eye test. 
SeeAbility work closely with teachers and parents to make sure everyone understands how much each child can see and what they need to get the most from their vision, so they can access education and make amazing memories of their childhood.
Being significantly short sighted, Ciaran was missing out on so much without glasses. It took patience and time for him to be persuaded to try them.  Adapting to clear distance vision was another challenge, but now that he has, the difference in him has been astonishing.  Having people in school that can support Ciaran in this way means that questions get answered quickly and when his
glasses need some TLC because he wears them so much, there’s someone there to do it. 
Ciaran getting an eye testFinally understanding what Ciaran can see and that he needs glasses has been life changing. 
I would have had no idea if SeeAbility hadn’t come to school. Having a team in school, working with his teachers meant they were able to successfully check his eyes and support him to have good vision.
I got weekly updates from the team over the phone throughout the process and was able to understand everything that was going on. I felt a part of this important experience Ciaran was going through and relieved that I could trust everyone involved to do their best for him.  Their support has transformed his vision and his life. I don’t know where we’d be without them.
The work SeeAbility does to support children, like Ciaran, with their eye health in schools is astonishing. I can’t bear to think of all the other children who don’t receive the same support. There are thousands more children just like Ciaran across the UK, whose lives could be helped with a donation from you, right now.
I would love to hear more stories like Ciaran’s – wouldn’t you?
Personal letter written by Maria Sanchez, Ciaran’s mum