The Lush store

Ready Willing and Able: An employer’s perspective

Rhian, one of our supported employment coaches, had been supporting Hazel* for a few weeks to find paid employment when she started talking to high street cosmetics retailer, Lush.  

Rhian was invited to meet the team at Lush and discuss different job roles and activities. She introduced Ready, Willing and Able and how employment coaches can support people to take their first steps on their employment journey. This support was welcomed with open arms by the Lush team. They really were lush!    

Hazel had mentioned that she wanted to work in retail and had always loved Lush products, so this sounded like a perfect match. Rhian and Hazel completed an application and were invited to a work trial. It was a real success. Sam, a trainee manager at Lush commented: 

“We really enjoyed the trial shift and were super happy with what we saw: thoroughly deserved and earned, so thank you for supporting them through the trial”.   

Employment coaches can be present and offer support throughout the interview and induction process and because Rhian attended the work trial she could talk to Lush about making reasonable adjustments for Hazel, and she could also offer other types of advice and guidance.   

After some demonstrations and chats about the products, Hazel was able to spend time in the store with customers where she confirmed three sales in 90 minutes. Hazel was offered the job as store colleague and started her exciting new role in March.  

The Lush team loved working with SeeAbility. Besco, a Manager at Lush commented: 

“We found working with you super easy - as one would expect, you're wonderful people doing wonderful work! The structure worked so well too, firstly with the visit, with an exchange of ideas, role information and vacancies, and then following up with direct support for the candidate. It couldn't have been simpler.”  

Rhian continues to work closely with Lush while Hazel settles into her role. It’s been exciting to work with an open-minded employer, who is caring and supportive, and whose values are similar to our own at SeeAbility.  

“Equity and inclusion are an important cornerstone for us at Lush and incredibly important to me personally as a manager,” said Besco. “Working with you has really helped us keep moving forward with this, and Lush's "all are welcome, always" ethos, firmly in mind.”  

*not her real name