David smiling in his home

David’s story – choosing a community

Before the first lockdown in 2020, David lived a jam-packed life. He got involved in cookery, dramatics and cycling, which helped him meet new people. It was a real pleasure for David to spend time each week with the many friends he had made. 

David was living in Epsom at this point, and was not supported by SeeAbility, whilst most of his friends were five miles away in Leatherhead. It never felt like a great distance, especially with good public transport and taxi links, but in lockdown, when everything began to close, David felt isolated and distant from what mattered to him the most: his community. 

For someone who really valued choice, control and independence, this was an incredibly challenging time. David had spent years building his confidence and social circle, and lockdown really pushed him back. He became lonely and withdrawn. 

Finding a new home 

SeeAbility support several of David’s friends in Leatherhead and our team had got to know him. We wanted to work with him to regain his confidence and get back to doing the things he loved most. We spoke to David about the possibility of him being supported through SeeAbility. 

David jumped at the opportunity. He had seen SeeAbility in action for himself and hoped that we would be able to support him to get back to his old self.  

David in his new kitchenThe team took care to be there for David in designing a home that would work for him. We knew that he loved cooking, which was a real expression of his independence, so we worked with him to refurbish his kitchen so he had everything he needed to enjoy cooking his own meals. Once he moved in, he was able to develop these skills further, so he now has an even wider range of healthy meal options that he can cook independently. 

This personalised attention to detail has helped David to settle in quickly, and he already feels as though he has more independence and control over his life and his home. 

A closer community 

David and his friend, Ivan

Before moving, David had lived a more regulated life, where he had to be taken back to his flat at certain times. It restricted his independence and meant that he was unable to just hang out with his friends if he felt like it, or stay with them until late in the evening. SeeAbility’s flexible approach to support means that now he does not have to worry about these restrictions: time is completely his own.   

“I can now see my friends whenever I like. It’s a lot more convenient and I feel a lot more independent. I can have the people around me that are important to me.” 

Having control over his living arrangements and social circle has had huge effects on David’s happiness and wellbeing.  

“My life has improved a lot since I moved here and I love my new flat. This is why it’s important that people have the choice in where they live and who they spend time with.”