Leonie outside the Harvester

Ready, Willing and Catering!

Last April we welcomed Leonie onto our programme. Leonie has a strong background in both catering and retail and was searching for a part-time position in Torquay.

It was important that Leonie's future employer was flexible with her rota and willing to make reasonable adjustments to allow her to excel. In September we applied for a Catering Assistant vacancy at the Harvester in Torquay. After a successful interview Leonie was offered the job, and within days she was chopping vegetables in the kitchen and washing dishes!

Leonie has now worked at the Harvester for several months and is really settling in. She says:

"It feels good because I don't have to rely on Universal Credit so much: I'm earning money, can pay my bills, and buy things for my son that I couldn't before."

It's great to see Leonie gaining financial independence and the confidence that comes with paid employment. Her manager, Becky, is also happy with Leonie's work:

"Leonie is meeting my expectations and she always tries her best - that's half the battle!"

We're sure Leonie will go far!