Eye care professionals

We work to ensure people with learning disabilities receive the eye care they need.

We know thousands of people with learning disabilities are missing out on potentially life-changing eye tests or support with their sight loss, despite having an alarmingly high level of sight problems.

We provide a range of free resources for eye care professionals to support people with learning disabilities. We offer training and consultancy and we’re also often at the major eye care and vision conferences with our free resources.

You can add your optical practice to our database so people with learning disabilities know about the support you offer.

If you have any queries or need further help please contact us at eyecare@seeability.org.

The importance of providing accessible eye care
The Bradford Visual Function Box

The Bradford Visual Function Box

People with learning disabilities are 10x more likely to have serious sight problems. But traditional eye tests can be challenging. The Bradford Visual Function Box's innovative approach means you don't need to communicate to have your eyes tested.

No-one is too disabled to have an eye test.

The Bradford Visual Function Box
In September 2019 we gave a webinar with Learning Disability England called No-one is too disabled to have an eye test. Don’t worry if you missed it, as you can watch it above.

If you would like to claim one CET point for this webinar, please email m.karas@seeability.org with these details - CET Title: No-one is too disabled to have an eye test - C-72848

How to get involved

We would love to work with you and here are a number of ways you can support our work:

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Search our resources which have been created to help people with learning disabilities, families, supporters and eye care and learning disability professionals.

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Eye Care and Vision Strategy 2021-2023

Since the inception of our public health work, SeeAbility’s Eye Care and Vision department has worked on a balance between the creation of new and more accessible services and the requirement to educate and raise awareness through our eye care messages.