Eye conditions

When an eye condition (such as cataracts) is identified, people should be referred to the hospital eye clinic for treatment if needed. Careful attention and regular eye tests are important for people with learning disabilities to identify any visual impairment or eye condition, so that they can get the right support.

People with diagnosed eye conditions need prompt access to treatment to avoid sight loss which can often be irreversible.

Useful resources for eye conditions

Monocular Vision

This factsheet aims to give carers and supporters of people with learning disabilities a good understanding of monocular vision and the challenges it presents.
Kiyana wearing glasses

Kiyana's story

"SeeAbility has done a fantastic job finding just the right glasses for Kiyana. She looks after her glasses all by herself, keeping them clean and putting them away in their case properly.

She loves wearing them all the time and she’s a different girl now. Kiyana has improved so much since wearing her glasses, we have seen a real difference and she is so much more confident."

Kiyana wearing glasses