Supported employment - the participant journey

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We understand that preparing for, finding and being in work can be challenging, especially if it’s your first time. The Ready, Willing and Able supported employment programme is here to make the journey to employment as smooth and easy as it can be.

From the moment you join the programme, we’ll learn more about you and we’ll tailor our support to help you succeed. We will provide as much support as we can, but you’ll also need to be willing to learn and complete tasks independently.

To help you understand the journey ahead, we’ve broken our support down into three steps. There are quite a few tasks to do within each step, but you might not need to do them all, depending on your previous employment history.

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Step 1 - Preparing for work

Introduction to Ready, Willing and Able

The first step is to meet with you virtually or in person to talk about our Ready, Willing and Able programme and whether it’s right for you. There is no commitment to join at this stage.

Registration form

We will support you to complete the registration form for the programme. This usually takes one session. After this, we’ll plan your first coaching meeting.

Getting to know you (2-3 sessions)

Working with your supported employment coach, we’ll identify your skills, talents and past experience. We’ll get to know you and start to understand what career you would like to have. At this step we will also identify your current level of digital skills and refer you to our Creating Connections upskilling programme if required.

Training sessions

We’ll run several training sessions on a range of topics, including:
● Building your confidence
● What to expect from the world of work
● Guidance on commuting to and from work
● Preparation for interviews

CV and cover letter workshop

We will usually encourage you to try and write your CV on your own, but we will offer guidance using templates and tips on best practice for writing CVs and cover letters.

Finalising your CV

Once you’ve created your CV, your supported employment coach will go through it with you to make sure it’s the best it can be. Once it’s ready, it’s time for you to move to the next step and start looking for work.

Step 2 - Job search & application

Beginning your job search

We will arrange a meeting to talk about what jobs interest you. You should come prepared with some examples.

Job searching continues (led by you)

We’ll provide resources to support you to search for jobs in the areas you’re interested in. We’ll also show you the different ways to search for work and apply. Your supported employment coach is there to help, but you’ll be asked to look for jobs yourself or using support from family and friends.

Support to apply for roles

We will support you to sign up to job sites (Indeed, Remploy etc.) and apply for jobs.

Interview preparation

We will work with the employer to develop a more inclusive interview, for example, sending you the interview questions beforehand to give you time to prepare. We will also go through an interview preparation training workshop with you.

Interview support

If you require additional support to attend an interview, we will provide this through our network of volunteers and support staff. Your supported employment coach may also be able to help.

Post-interview support

After any job interviews, we will meet with you to talk about how it went, the outcome of your interview and how you feel. If you are unsuccessful, we can then talk about feedback and identify any training needs or areas for improvement. If successful, you’ll proceed to our next step.

Step 3 – In-work support

Job offer

Your supported employment coach will speak with your employer to identify your needs to start work. This might be arranging staff introductions, any employer training needed, a mentor or buddy system, or other reasonable adjustments. We may meet with you to talk about these further.

Support when starting work

We will ensure any adjustments you need are in place before you start. Your supported employment coach will be available to provide additional support for you during your first week of work. A volunteer may be available to accompany you.

Four weeks of in-work support

We will put together a plan of support with you to ensure you’re aware of the people you can contact for help when at work. We will talk about what coping mechanisms are in place to allow for your independence. For the first month, your supported employment coach will be readily available to help you overcome any challenges.

Monthly check-in

We will plan a monthly phone call with you to talk about how your job is going and if you require any extra support. This can be provided for up to six months, depending on your own needs.

One year check-in

After a successful year in your job, we call you to check everything is going well. We can support if needed for your appraisal meeting.

Get in touch!

We wish you the best of luck and success on your journey to employment! If you’re ready to start, get in touch today by emailing