Supported employment journey (easy read)

Easy read guide on how supported employment will help you to find work.

This is an easy read document

Step 1 - Preparing for work

A person shaking another person's hand

We will meet you in person or online.

Two people filling out a form

We will talk about how our supported employment programme can help you.

A person at a job interview

We will get to know you and talk about your skills.

A man doing wood work

We will talk about what career you would like to have.

People making a plan

We will then run training sessions for you. The training sessions are about:

A person filling out a form

• Building your confidence.

Two people shaking hands smiling

• What it is like to have a job.

Two people travelling on a bus

• Travelling to and from work.

Two people talking at a desk

• Preparation for interviews.


We will help you to write a good CV.

A person in a suit sitting at a desk with a computer

Next, you will be ready to look for a job!

Step 2 - Looking and applying for jobs

A man doing wood work

We will have a meeting to talk about what jobs interest you.

People planning

We will show you the different ways to look for work and how to apply.

A computer with the word click

We will help you to sign up to job websites and help you apply.

A person at a job interview

We will help you prepare for interviews.

Two people talking at a desk

After your interview, we will talk about how it went.

A person having an interview

If you don't get the job, we will then talk about what we can do differently at the next interview.

Step 3 - Support at work

A group of people smiling

If you are offered a job, we will talk with your employer about your needs.

A lady in a wheelchair using an accessible ramp

We will make sure your new place of work will meet your needs.

A man holding a planner

We will make a plan of support so you know who you can contact for help.

A woman on a telephone interview

In your first month at work your supported employment coach will be available if you need help with anything.

A lady talking on the phone

We will plan a monthly call to talk about how your new job is going.

A person on the phone

After one year in your job, we will call you to make sure everything is going well.

A person shaking another person's hand

We wish you the best of luck!