People with learning disabilities are much more likely to have serious sight problems than others.

Given there are more than one million people with learning disabilities in the UK, it's really important we keep on fighting for their right to good eye care.

Everyone with a learning disability can, and should, be having regular eye tests. Have a look at our database of optometrists.

Adults with learning disabilities are ten times more likely than others to have serious sight problems. Watch our film "10 Times More Likely" and read our factsheets below to get an introduction to eye care.

How to keep your eyes healthy

Our easy read factsheet has nine steps to follow to keep healthy eyes.

Easy read download How to keep your eyes healthy (easy read)

How to be eye care aware

Our eye care essentials guide for families and support workers

Download How to be eye care aware

Easy read download How to be eye care aware (easy read) 

Download Be eye care aware poster

People with Down's syndrome

Our easy read factsheet is for people with Down's syndrome and how they can look after their eyes.

Easy read download People with Down's syndrome (easy read)

Public health messages

Our easy read factsheet has some important public health messages about eye care and vision for adults with learning disabilities.

Easy read download Eye care messages (easy read)


Children with a learning disability are 28 times more likely to have serious sight problems than other children, early eye care is an important start to having good vision throughout life.

Watch our film below or read about eye care for children and young people and our sight testing project in some special schools to find out more.