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Emma’s story - Finding the right words

Finding work can be challenging at the best of times, but the process is so much more difficult when you can’t find the right words to sell yourself.

This struggle was felt by Ready, Willing and Able participant Emma.

What to say?

Before joining our supported employment programme, Emma found it difficult to tell people about her skills and abilities. When it came to applying and interviewing for a job, she struggled to tell them how her qualities would make her a perfect fit for the role.

That all changed when Emma started to work with her supported employment coach Rhian.

Working together, they explored what Emma needed to do to succeed. For her, this meant making sure her CV was the best it could be and learning how to answer common questions in job interviews. With this new knowledge, Emma felt more confident to find the right words, enabling her to showcase herself to employers.

A perfect fit

Emma’s motivation to find work - along with her newfound confidence and understanding of the interview process - quickly allowed her to find success working for a popular fast-food restaurant.

Commenting on her success, Emma said:

"It feels great to be more independent. I now have my own money and can buy things for myself. It feels nice to be in a supportive workplace that know about my learning disability and can support me. I feel proud to wear my uniform."

Her supported employment coach Rhian reflected on the process:

"I always feel humbled and fortunate to play a small part our participants’ journey and Emma was no different."

"When Emma first started working with me, she found it hard to find the right words to describe herself but now she really can sell herself. Emma has been the most motivated person I have worked with, everyday applying for roles, and updating me on progress. I’m so happy and proud that she has now found work."

“Just keep going”

Emma was ready to work but she just needed a little support to get there. Asked what advice she’d give to others, she says:

"Just keep going, it might take time to get the right job, but with the right support you can get there."

Since starting in January 2021, our Ready, Willing and Able supported employment programme has supported over 40 people to progress on their journey to employment. Whether it’s creating a CV for the first time or attending an interview, we continue to see success every day.

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