Job interviews (easy read)

Easy read guide on what happens at job interviews.

This is an easy read document

What are the different types of interview?

Phone call

Telephone interviews are when an employer calls you and interviews you over the phone.

Two people at a table

One to one interviews are when you are interviewed in person at the location of the job by one person.

Four people at a table

Panel interviews are in person with 3 or more people asking you questions.

Three people sitting down

Group interviews are in person but there will be other people who applied for the job interviewed with you.

How do you prepare for an interview?


Make sure you have written down the date and time of your interview.

Alarm clock

Set a reminder to help you.

On the phone

If you can't go to the interview at the time you have been given phone the employer to change it.

Magnifying glass

Plan how you will get to the address of the interview.

Two people and a bus

If you feel nervous, get a friend, family member or support worker to travel with you to the interview.

A watch

Give yourself plenty of time to get to the interview.

A ramp for wheelchairs

If you need adjustments, tell the employer before the interview.

Two people

This could be needing more time to answer questions or having someone join you.


Think about questions you would like to ask and write them down.


You can ask about your role, the team or the company.

What should you take with you to the interview?


Bring some ID, like your passport.

A woman holding paperwork

Bring any paperwork the employer has asked you to bring.


Employers may ask you to bring 2 letters that have your name and address on them.

A man holding a CV

Taking your CV or application form may help remind you what you have told them about yourself.

What should you do during your interview?

A man with a bag

Remember it is normal to be nervous.
Try to keep calm and be positive.


When you are called into the interview, introduce yourself and say hello.


Be friendly but make sure to be professional.


Don’t rush and give yourself time to answer the questions.

How should you dress for an interview?

A man in a suit

You should wear clean, smart clothes.

Thumbs up

Making an effort in the way you look will show the employer that you want the role.

A man in a suit

First impressions are important.
Make sure you look prepared.

What questions will you be asked?


The questions you are asked depend on the job you applied for.

Doing paperwork

Try looking back at the job description and think of questions you may be asked.


You will typically asked about your experiences, skills and why you applied for the job.

A man smiling

At the end of the interview, the employer will tell you when you will find out if you have got the job.

A letter

You may find out if you have the job by phone, email or letter.

A tablet

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