Starting work (easy read)

Easy read guide on starting work. Starting work can be hard but we are here to help

This is an easy read document

Starting work

Covering eyes

Remember everyone feels scared and nervous on the first day at work.

Hand up

Try to keep calm and ask when you are unsure about something.


Starting a new job can also be very exciting.

Man holding a book

This guide will help you prepare and be ready to start your new job.

Employment offer


If you get the job, you will get sent a letter or an email with a conditional offer.


This means the employer would like to give you the job but wants to get to know you a bit more first.

On the phone

An employer will ask for a reference from someone you have worked with before, or a friend.


When the employer is happy with your references, you will get a formal job offer.

Signing contract

You will then have to sign a contract to accept the job.

Preparing for your first day


Make sure you agree what day you are starting with your employer.

Visibility jacket

Ask what the dress code is or if there is a uniform you should wear.

Magnifying glass

Plan how to get to work before your first day.


If you are using public transport, practice the journey before the first day.

Two people

Make sure you know who to ask for when you arrive on the first day.


Make sure you have the work phone number and address.

Two people talking

Remember to talk to people about how you are finding your new job.

Two people talking

This can be with family, friends, job coaches or with your line manager at work.

A tablet

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