Finding employment (easy read)

Easy read guide on finding employment. Finding a job can be hard, but we are there to help. 

This is an easy read document

How we can help

A group of people

Employment support is about working with you to help you find work.

Job description

We help you understand job adverts.

Filling out a form

We help you fill in application forms.

Writing a CV

We help you write your CV or make it better.


A CV is a document that tells employers about you.

Writing a letter

We help you write cover letters.

An interview

We prepare you for interviews.

A handshake

We get you ready to start your employment.

A calendar

Work experience is done for a short period of time.

It is usually for a few weeks or hours.


A man waving

Volunteering is similar to work experience but can be for a longer period of time.

It can last a few months or more.

A market worker

You can volunteer in lots of different ways.

Helping with shopping

Some ways you can volunteer are working in a shop, gardening, cleaning, catering or working in an office.

What is good about work experience and volunteering?


You can learn new skills.

A group of people

You can get involved in your community.


It will help you make friends.

Using a laptop

It helps you get ready for work.

A calendar

Your manager can give you references for new jobs.


A handshake

In apprenticeships you get training to learn new skills while you are working.


You will get paid for an apprenticeship.


You can do apprenticeships in things like art, teaching, business, farming and looking after animals.

Where can you find work?

A laptop

You can find work on websites like Indeed and Reed.

Two people talking

You can talk to local employers about work.

A tablet

If you would like support from Ready, Willing and Able please fill in our contact form on the website.