Cataracts (easy read)

Easy read factsheet which will help you to understand what a cataract is and how it can affect your vision.

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A cataract is a problem with your eyes

an eye

Our eyes need to be healthy for us to see well.
Inside your eye is a lens which helps you to see.


Having a cloudy lens is called a cataract.
You can have a cataract in one eye or both eyes.

Someone wearing glasses

You can get a cataract at any age.
People often get a cataract when they get older.
It is important to get help for your cataract.

How to look after your eyes

Eye test

Have a regular eye test. The person who does this is called an optician.

A conversation

Tell someone if you are worried about your eyesight.

A carer

You can show this factsheet to your carers.


If you have problems with your eyesight, go to see your optician.

When you have a cataract

Blurry vision

Your sight becomes blurred or unclear.

Covering eyes

It can be hard and uncomfortable to see in bright light.

Blurry colors

You might not be able to see colours very well.

Blurred vision

You might not be able to see people very well.

Spilled drink

You might bump into things or knock them over.

Holding onto a rail

You might worry about tripping over or getting lost.

A taxi

It might be harder to do the things you enjoy like watching TV and going out.

What you should do


Cataracts do not get better on their own.

Blurry vision

If you don’t do anything, your cataract might get worse.


There is no medicine that stops cataracts.


If your cataract is new, glasses or sunglasses may help you see better.


Your optician may arrange an appointment for you at the hospital.

Eye test

At the hospital, they will do more checks about your eyes.

Eye doctor

You may need an operation to take out the cataract.
This will help you to see more clearly.


If your eye doctor says you need an operation for cataracts, you can choose if you want this.

A form

We have an easy read factsheet about cataract operations.
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