Consent and capacity (easy read)

Helping you make important decisions.

This is an easy read document


Signing consent form

Consent is choosing whether to say yes or no to something that involves you.  

Medicine yes or no

This might be saying yes or no to: 

  • Choices about your health, like taking medication
Home yes or no
  • Where you live 
Food yes or no
  • What you eat
Consent form no

You have the right to say no. 

Your choice

It is your choice. 

Over 16

You can make these choices if you are over the age of 16. 

Mental capacity act

There is a law called the Mental Capacity Act 2005. 


This law helps people be included in decisions about their lives. 

Helping you to make big choices

Making a choice

It is important that you understand the choice you are making. 

Help making a choice

The people who support you should spend time helping you understand. 

Ways of communicating

They should communicate in the best way for you. 

Pictures, drawings and easy read

Pictures, drawings and Easy Read guides might help you.  


It might be better to talk to you when you are feeling relaxed. 


You might need help from someone who knows you well.  


Understanding the choices

You need to understand the choices you are making. 


This is called having ‘capacity’. 

Remembering the choice

You need to be able to remember what you are being told long enough to make the choice. 

Telling someone the choice

You need to be able to tell someone your choice. 

Not speaking

You do not need to be able to speak to make your choice. 

Sign language

Tell someone your choice in a way that works for you. 


This could be using Makaton, pictures or a computer. 

If you do not have capacity

Someone else making the choice

If your support worker thinks you do not have capacity, someone else might have to make the choice for you. 

Support team

This might be a family member, doctor or support worker. 

A court

They can only give consent if it is agreed by a court that you do not have capacity. 

Making the right decision

A court is a group of people who understand the law and will make the right decision. 

Making the right choice for you

This is to make sure the right choice is made for you.  

Making another choice

This does not mean you can not make other choices. 

Making a choice in the future

You might be able to make the same choice again in the future. 

Getting help

Complicated law

The law on consent and capacity can be hard to understand.

Consent and capacity solicitor

If you need help, you should speak to a solicitor who knows about consent and capacity. 


A solicitor is a person who gives advice on the law.