Be happy in what you do

Supporting people to fulfil their dreams is one of the most satisfying career choices you can make.

Working at SeeAbility you'll support people to learn new skills, make big life decisions and achieve things they never thought possible. There are few other jobs that provide this unique satisfaction of changing a life.

Tendekai has been with SeeAbility for over ten years and knows this more than most:

"Every day I look forward to coming into work, and every day when I leave I always feel good. I feel good because I know that I’m helping people. I’m proud to be in a position where I can really contribute. My favourite part is seeing how people develop and grow – like someone who wouldn’t leave the house now happily shopping on the high street. Seeing them being part of the community and being treated as equal citizens is amazing."

For Tendekai, it’s the close team work that makes this possible.

"At work it feels like a family. A home away from home. There’s a close bond between the support team, the people we support and their families, which means we’re all focused on working towards the same goals. We know what all our strengths and skills are, and that’s why it works so well. All our work put together means that people can achieve all their ambitions."

We recognise that every team member has their own strengths, and it’s by working together that the extraordinary can be achieved.

If you want amazing job satisfaction too, join our team!

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Careers at SeeAbility come in all shapes and sizes but all with one common purpose, to help you and the people we support achieve the extraordinary.