Not just a job - make it a career

We care about your career.

We love to see the people who join our teams grow and develop and then, when they’re ready, take on leadership roles.

Ben had his interview with SeeAbility the day before his 18th birthday. He started as a support worker and it wasn’t long before he trained as a rehabilitation support worker, going on to become deputy manager, and then manager. He now manages two homes for SeeAbility:

"At SeeAbility you get so many opportunities to develop your career, and if you keep taking those opportunities you can get to wherever you want to be. I never thought about becoming a manager, but when I took on the deputy role I realised that through management I'd have the chance to have a massive impact on even more lives. It’s such a rewarding position to be in."

As a manager, team development is right at the heart of the role. Ben loves passing on his learnings and experience - that means his team is constantly improving and providing even better support, which gives them even more job satisfaction.

"We don’t believe in ‘reaching your full potential’ here, because who says potential is ever full? We can always keep developing. That’s something that applies to the SeeAbility team and everyone we support. We don’t underestimate anyone."

Do you always strive for better? Join our team and see where your ambition could take you. 

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Careers at SeeAbility come in all shapes and sizes but all with one common purpose, to help you and the people we support achieve the extraordinary.