Screen use and your eyes (easy read)

How to take care of your eyes when using computers, tablets and phones.

This is an easy read document

Screen use and your eyes


Since Covid-19 started, lots of people have been using computers, tablets and phones.


When we are using screens, it is important to look after our eyes.

A person looking

Use the 20-20-20 rule. 

Every 20 minutes look away from your screen at something that is 20 feet away for 20 seconds. 

Looking away

Look at a house across the road or a tree in your street. 

This allows your eye muscles to have a rest.


Remember to blink your eyes regularly.

A person looking at a laptop

Have your screen below eye level and facing away from a window to stop glare.

Large print

Make your text size bigger if you’re struggling to read it.

Eye drops

Try eye drops if your eyes get dry.

You can buy drops from any supermarket.  

Check with your optician or chemist which drops are best for you.

To look after our eyes when using screens it is important to:

Eye test

Make sure you go for your regular eye test.

Person wearing glasses

Wear your glasses from the optician, if you should wear them.

Cleaning glasses

Make sure that your glasses are clean and comfortable.

Eye test

Opticians are open and ready to help. 

Some opticians have extra training about making reasonable adjustments if you need them.

Contact your optician if:

Blurry screen

Your vision becomes blurry.


You start getting headaches.

Person rubbing eyes

If you feel strain in your eyes.

A confused person

Don’t be afraid or nervous.

Green tick

If you take regular breaks and look away from the screen every now and then, you will not harm your eyes.


To choose the right optician for you, use our find an optometrist search.