Healthy eyes (easy read)

Easy read fact sheet on how to keep your eyes healthy.

This is an easy read document
Eye test

Visit your optician for an eye test.

Have an eye test at least every 2 years or more often if your optician tells you to.

Fruit and vegetables

Eat more fruit and vegetables.

Try and eat lots of fruit and vegetables each day to help keep your eyes healthy.


Don’t smoke.

If you smoke you are more likely to have eye problems.

Person running

Do more exercise.

Exercise helps keep your eyes healthy.


Protect your eyes from the sun.

Wear sunglasses when the sun is bright and wear a sun hat.

Cleaning glasses

Look after your glasses.

Old, scratched or dirty glasses can cause eye strain and give you headaches.

Irritated eyes

Talk to your optician, chemist or GP about eye problems.

It is important to protect your eyes if you have hayfever or allergies. Ask for help if your eyes are red, itchy or sore.

Rubbing eyes

Try not to touch or rub your eyes.

Your eyes need to be kept clean.
Wash your hands.

An optician

Be aware of changes in your vision.

If you think your eyesight has changed, it is best to have a new eye test with an optician.