Eye care messages (easy read)

Eye care messages easy read fact sheet, for people with learning disabilities. 

This is an easy read document
Pointing to an eye

Adults with learning disabilities are 10 times more likely to have serious sight problems than other adults.

Children are 28 times more likely.

A group of people

There are about 1.5 million people in the United Kingdom with a learning disability.

Someone in a wheelchair

People with very high support needs are most likely to have sight problems.


They may not know they have a sight problem, and may not be able to tell people.

Hands out

Supporters, carers and teachers often think that people can see very well.

New glasses

6 in 10 people with learning disabilities need glasses and often need support to get used to them.

An eye doctor

Adults need to have an eye test every two years, sometimes more often.

Children should have an eye test every year.

Someone sitting down

Regular sight tests and wearing glasses helps people stay healthy and get the most from life.