Looking after your mental health (easy read)

This is an easy read document

What is mental health?

Your mind

Mental health is about how you feel in your mind.  

Different emotions

You will feel different emotions at different times.  

Happy person

You should feel good and happy as much as possible. 

Sad person

It is normal to feel sad or worried sometimes. 

Sad more than happy

If you feel sad more than you feel happy, you might have a problem with your mental health.  

Group of sad people

Lots of people have problems with their mental health. 

Comforting hug

There is help you can get if you have problems with your mental health. 

Happy person

It is important to look after your mental health.  

How to look after your mental health

Sad to happy

There are things you can do to make your mental health better.  

Happy people exercising

Exercise is good for your mental health.  

Person exercising and walking

You could go to the gym or just go for a walk.

Different exercises

There are lots of different ways to exercise.  

Healthy food

Eating healthy food can make you feel good. 

Fruit and vegetables

You should eat lots of fruit and vegetables.  


Drink lots of water.

Junk food

Try not to eat too many snacks like crisps and chocolate. 

Keeping clean

You need to keep yourself clean.  


Try to wash yourself every day.

Person washing their clothes

Put on clean clothes. 


It is important to get enough sleep at night.  

Sleeping during the day

Try not to sleep too much during the day. 


Some people have hobbies that make them happy.  

Cooking and gardening

Hobbies are things like cooking or gardening. 


Seeing friends or family can also make you happy.  

Two people talking and hugging

It is good to have people to talk to. 

Happy person

You should try to find things that you enjoy doing. 

Sad person

If you are not feeling good, breathing exercises can help.  

Breathe in

Breathe in through your nose. 

Hold your breath

Hold your breath for 2 seconds. 

Breathe out

Then breathe out slowly through your mouth. 

Breathe in

Do this again to help you feel more calm. 

Signs of mental health problems


There are lots of different signs that you might have a problem with your mental health. 

Sad person

You might feel sad more than usual.  


You might feel really tired.  

Isolated person

You might want to be on your own. 

Refusing food

You may not want to eat food. 

Crying person

You might be thinking about hurting yourself.  

Fast heartbeat

Your heart might beat really fast.  

Feeling sick

You might feel sick.   

Sad person

If you can not do anything to make yourself feel better you might have a problem with your mental health.  

What to do if you are worried

Sad group of people

Lots of people have problems with their mental health. 

People hugging

If you are worried about your mental health you are not alone. 


You should speak to a person you trust. 

Talk to doctor

You should also talk to your doctor. 


Your doctor might be able to find someone for you to talk to.  


They might give you medicine to try and make you feel better. 

Telling people

It is really important to tell people if you are worried.