Dealing with death (easy read)

This is an easy read document

What is death?

People crying next to a dead person

Death is when a person stops being alive.

A person crying next to a person who has died

It means they have ‘died’.

A body with an X

Their body has stopped working.

Person not moving

They can not move.

No heart beat

They do not have a heartbeat.

No talking

They can not breathe or talk.

Two old people

People can die when they get very old.

Person sick in hospital

Or if they get very sick.

A person that has been in an accident with paramedics

People can die if they get hurt in an accident.

Different ways to die

People can die in lots of different ways.

A person aging

It is a natural part of life.

Group of people and a dog

Every person will die one day.


Being dead is permanent.

A person who has died missing from a photo

That means they will never be alive again.

People at a funeral

When a person dies, they might have a funeral.

Funeral service

This is when friends and family celebrate the person that died.

Different funerals

There are lots of different ways to have a funeral.

Different beliefs

People have different beliefs about what happens to a person when they die.

Talking to family and friends

You can find out what your friends and family believe and decide yourself.

Your feelings when someone dies

A person greiving

You might feel very sad when a person dies.

A person crying

This is called ‘grief’.


You might feel lots of different emotions.

Grieving family

Everyone deals with grief in different ways.

A confused person

You might find it hard to believe that someone has died.


Or hope that they will come back.

A confused person

It can be really confusing.

Angry person

You might not be able to control your emotions.

Angry person

You might get really angry.

Sick person

You might feel sick.

Tired person

You might feel more tired than usual.

Happy person

You might feel happy sometimes.

Different emotions

It is okay to have different emotions.

Group of people

Everyone is different!

A long time

Grief might last a long time.

Happy then sad

It can come and go.


It could take years for you to feel back to normal.

A week

Or it might only take weeks.

Group of people grieving

Everyone deals with grief differently and that is okay.

Getting help for your feelings

Grieving family

Your friends and family might help you feel better.


You should talk to people about how you are feeling.

Talking about death

It might be hard to talk about the person who has died.

Talking to someone

But talking can make you feel better.

Talking to doctor

If you are worried about your feelings you might need to speak to your doctor.

Friends helping

Your friends or family might have to tell you that you need help.

Finding a counsellor

Your doctor should help you find a counsellor.

Grief counsellor

A counsellor is a person that you can talk to about how you feel.


They might help you understand your feelings.