Keeping healthy (easy read)

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Why keeping healthy is important

Person holding fruit and vegetables

It is important to keep healthy so you feel fit and well.

People dancing

Keeping healthy can give you more energy.

Bones and teeth

It can help keep your bones and teeth strong.

Happy person

It might help you feel happier.

Sick people

It might help stop you from getting sick.

Person being weighed

It can help you keep a healthy weight.

Person being weighed

Being overweight might make you unwell.

Unwell person.

Not weighing enough can also make you unwell.


If you are worried about your weight you should speak to your doctor.

How to keep healthy

A healthy person

Eating well and being active helps you keep healthy.

People being active

There are lots of ways to keep active.


You can try different exercises.

A gym

You do not have to go to a gym.

Person walking and a bike

You could go for a walk or ride a bike.

People dancing

You could even try dancing!

Team sports

Some people join teams or clubs, so they can exercise with friends.

Person playing football

You should find an activity you enjoy, so you want to do it.

Fruit bowl

To eat well you should eat lots of fruit and vegetables.

Person choosing healthy food

It is good to eat different types of food.

Fruit and water

This is called a balanced diet.

Unhealthy snacks

Try not to eat too many snacks like chocolate or crisps.

Bad teeth

Sugary snacks and drinks can be bad for your teeth.


You should drink lots of water.

8 glasses of water

The National Health Service (NHS) says adults should have 8 glasses of drink a day.


That includes low-fat milk and sugar-free drinks.

A group of people with different abilities

You might not be able to do all of these things.

Everyone is different!

Talking to a doctor

You can speak to your doctor about the best ways to keep healthy.