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SeeAbility features on Mr Tumble!

SeeAbility's Head of Eye Care and Vision, Lisa Donaldson, featured in a recent episode of children's TV show Mr Tumble, emphasising the importance of eye care.

Why support with sight is a human right

Hello I’m Scott Watkin BEM, Head of Engagement for SeeAbility and a self-advocate. A big report out today shows disabled people struggle around the world to get equal access to health. I am passionate about health equality and people with learning disabilities having the same rights as other people, as I feel we are always bottom of the pile. I’ve written this as I’m going to talk about one particular issue. 

Don’t lose sight of doing what is right

The rollout of eye care and glasses dispensing in all special schools in England embodies NHS ideals. In this blog, Lisa Donaldson, our Head of Eye Care and Vision, appeals to NHS leaders to embrace this programme of work and introduces a series of guest blogs on the benefits already seen under the NHS Special Schools Eye Care Service, as the future of the Service from Spring 2023 is uncertain.  

Why we are standing up for an equal right to sight

In the last blog of this series, two parents who have campaigned improved eye care for people with learning disabilities, Baroness Sheila Hollins and Alyson Farrell, speak out on the need to keep eye care in special schools, and share how they are bringing attention to the issue of improving eye care for all people with learning disabilities in parliament. 

Why early eye care in special schools addresses preventable sight loss

Louise Gow, who is delivering the Service as part of a SeeAbility eye care team, and who is also Clinical lead for eye health and low vision at RNIB, explains why working with younger children in special schools offers a crucial window of opportunity to prevent sight loss. 

Why eye care for all special schools is evidence based and equitable

Professor Kathyrn Saunders, was part of the NHS working group on behalf of the College of Optometrists. As a leading subject matter expert on paediatric eye care at Ulster University she provides the context for working in all special schools, and shares her dismay that the future of the Service is uncertain. 

No looking back: how eye care has transformed our children’s lives

Parents have been sharing their views on how the Service has helped overcome the challenges of getting suitably adjusted eye care, with some children being able to see properly for the first time in their special education. With the future of the Service uncertain, it is important that parents voices are heard.