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Together, we can create an inclusive world where everyone can participate as equal citizens. The need and the benefits of becoming accessible to all are so much more apparent today than ever before. 

It’s not just the right thing to do, it’s good business 

16 million people in the UK have disabilities. That’s 16 million people in the UK alone who should have equal access to your products or services. They should be able to participate in society at the same level as everyone else. Without accessibility support, your customers, clients and colleagues could be excluded. 

Government initiatives such as the ‘Disability Confident Employer’ scheme and global initiatives like the ‘Valuable 500’ are growing each year. There hasn’t been a more appropriate time to make sure your business is doing what it can to be an inclusive employer and an inclusive brand.

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Our accessibility and inclusion support 

Leverage the expertise of our experts to improve your accessibility and better understand the needs of your colleagues, clients and customers. 

We know how valuable inclusivity is to your business. We also know that change takes time and needs to be embedded with deep engagement. Our accessibility and inclusion support ensures you have the expertise, insight and guidance to make inclusion a reality. 

There is a range of support we can provide to help you become more accessible, from making events more accessible and inclusive, to ensuring your social media and other marketing is accessible, to creating accessible documents, to teaching you how to make them more accessible yourself. 

You can mix and match as you like, to create a package of accessibility support that suits you. Take a look through your options below.

If you’d like a call about your requirements, contact Kat Akass, SeeAbility’s Head of Marketing, Digital and Communications, by emailing

Not quite cookie cutter? 

If you have any bespoke needs that don’t fit into the above options, give us a ring. We can recommend the best approach to fit your needs. 

If you’d like a call about your requirements, contact Kat Akass, SeeAbility’s Head of Marketing, Digital and Communications, by emailing

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Case studies 

Read about how SeeAbility has worked with these iconic brands to improve accessibility.

Baileys and Eurovision

We worked in partnership with official Eurovision partner Baileys to make the magic of Eurovision 2024 more inclusive for its blind and visually impaired fans.  

We held focus groups with people with lived experience of learning disabilities, autism and visual impairments, including broadcaster Amar Latif and disability campaigner Scott Watkin BEM. Many of the people involved in the focus groups were keen Eurovision fans, and provided direction on how Baileys can improve the accessibility offering. 

Through these insights, we provided step by step recommendations for 2024 and beyond, particularly focusing on audio description. Baileys took many of these recommendations on board and introduced audio descriptions of each act. These were released in a Spotify playlist and were available for anyone to listen to alongside the live broadcast.

Procter & Gamble 

“I work with partners, like SeeAbility, to ensure that our products are understood by people with a range of disabilities, including learning disabilities and autism. Big things can happen when you get the right support.“ - Sumaira Latif is Procter and Gamble’s Company Accessibility Leader 


From a virtual trip to Los Angeles for an inclusive skateboarding lesson, to an inclusive football class led from the UK, Airbnb’s Online Experiences provide a way to learn new skills, connect with others and travel the world from home. 

The opportunity to try new activities and explore new places without leaving your living room may be particularly meaningful for many neurodiverse guests.  

Read how SeeAbility supported this innovative offering to keep neurodiverse guests in mind

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We’re glad that accessibility and inclusion is in your sights

SeeAbility is a charity with over 225 years’ experience supporting people with disabilities to break down barriers. Our mission is to challenge those societal barriers and champion inclusion, so people with disabilities can participate as equal citizens and live ambitious lives.  

Eli in his wheelchair trying on glasses with his supporter