Frequently asked questions for employers

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What are the benefits of supported employment?

By working with us you can:

  • Have access to a wider pool of talent
  • Improve your company’s Corporate Social Responsibility reputation
  • Improve the inclusivity of your workplace, becoming an employer of choice
  • Create innovation in the workplace through having a more diverse workforce
  • Better understand the needs of customers with disabilities
  • Increase the commercial value of your business through spending of the 'Purple Pound'

What type of support can I expect from Ready, Willing and Able?

We offer comprehensive advice, guidance and support:

  • 1 to 1 support from a supported employment coach
  • Pre-start meeting around the participant’s potential training needs or any reasonable adjustments to put in place
  • A supported employment coach will be available for the participant’s induction day to help facilitate integration
  • Assessing the level of inclusion in your workplace and recommending training packages
  • Discussing potential communication needs in the workplace for the participant and employer
  • Weekly progress reviews for up to a six month period
  • Consistent point of contact for any questions or support if an issue arises (available throughout the full length of employment)
  • A facilitator will be available to support ongoing career development and performance discussions

What training will be made available?

We have a range of training packages either online or in person. These include discussions around autism awareness, learning disability awareness, mental health awareness and inclusion in the workplace. Get in touch at to find out more.

How long will you support our business after onboarding an employee?

Our support is dependent on the needs of the participant and the needs of your business. As every situation is different, the length of time needed will vary. We aim to integrate the participant into the workplace well enough that independence can be achieved and our part to play is minimal.

What adaptations do I need to make in our workplace?

You may not need to make many adjustments in your workplace, if any at all. If you need support on adapting your workplace, we can help guide you through the government Access to Work scheme. Read more about the government’s Access to Work scheme.

How much extra time will I have to dedicate to anyone with a disability who we employ?

When supporting someone into a new role, we ensure the role is the right fit for both the participant and employer. Having the right person in the right job means there are minimal adjustments to make, as there would be for any new employee.

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