Haillo smiling

Haillo's story

When we first met Haillo he didn’t make any choices of his own. However, since moving to Seaford to be supported by SeeAbility, Haillo has started to make his own lifestyle choices for the first time.

Haillo is autistic and has very limited vision, but SeeAbility staff didn’t underestimate him. The team helped him choose his own clothes every morning and encouraged him to decide what he wanted to wear. Now, after many days of support, he goes to to the wardrobe by himself and chooses his own outfit.

It's all about the confidence

As Haillo’s interest in personal style has grown, he’s become very keen on trainers, so the team takes him shopping. He takes his time, carefully examining the colour and texture of each shoe before making a decision. Most recently he settled on a bright blue pair and now wears them all the time, even around the house!

His growing confidence in making choices is spilling into other parts of life. On a recent visit to see his mother, Zanobia, she was delighted when she saw him go to the fridge independently and choose the food he wanted. The first time he did it, his mum was so excited that they sat down to eat together, even though she’d just called a taxi and it was waiting outside for them.

A whole new world

Being able to make choices means Haillo’s world is opening up around him. He gets out of the house more and loves walking along the promenade in Eastbourne. He listens to reggae music and enjoys long drives in the car. He has also got to know his housemates and sometimes pulls cheeky pranks on them.

According to Zanobia, the support has been life changing:

"SeeAbility has really empowered Haillo. He has more control of his life now."

Haillo choosing his new shoes

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