What is website accessibility? (easy read)

Accessibility is very important to us at SeeAbility, but not everyone may understand what accessibility means.  We’ve created an Easy Read guide to help explain it.

Make it accessible

This is an easy read document

This guide is about website accessibility.

Group of people

Accessibility is about making everything easier for people with disabilities to use.

Laptop, tablet and phone

You can use websites on your computer, tablet or phone.

A person doing a thumbs up

If you have a disability, you should be able to use the same websites as everyone else.

Person doing a thumbs down

Some websites are not accessible.

A person with a disability struggling to use a website

This means people with a disability may not be able to use the website.

Lots of colours

The website may have bad colour contrast.

A person looking closely at the colour yellow

This means the colours on the website are not clear enough.

A person looking

People who have problems with their eyes may not be able to see the colours.

A person using a computer

Some websites can’t be used with screen readers.

Blind icon

People with sight problems use screen readers to read websites.

A picture

Some websites do not have descriptions on images.

A confused person using a computer

This means people using screen readers do not know what the images are.


If companies don’t make documents accessible they can be hard to use.

A person trying to read a computer

People using screen readers may not be able to read them at all.

A confused person

Websites shouldn’t use confusing words or phrases so everyone can understand.

A checklist

There are lots of other things people need to do to make websites accessible.

A police man

It is the law for websites to be accessible.

Complaints policy

If you have trouble using a website, you can complain.


The website should have a contact page with their details in.

A person complaining

You can contact the company and ask them to give you the information in an accessible way.

A person's rights

It is your right to access websites in the same way as everyone else.


You can email us at media@seeability.org if you want us to help you talk to the company.