Diabetes and your eyes (easy read)

Easy read fact sheet on how diabetes can affect your eyes. 

This is an easy read document

People with diabetes may have problems with their eyes

Eye test

There is a special eye check for people with diabetes.

Diabetes eye screening

This is sometimes called NHS Diabetic Eye Screening.

Eye test

It is important your eyes are tested every year to check for problems.

Easy read

We have a factsheet about the NHS Diabetic Eye Screening Test.


Diabetes makes changes to the inside of your eyes.

Good eye sight

Sometimes your sight doesn’t change and you can still see clearly.

Eye doctor

Eye doctors call this Background Diabetic Retinopathy.


Listen to your doctor’s advice about living healthily.


Living healthy will help with your diabetes.

Blurry vision

Sometimes your sight may become blurry.


This makes it harder to see clearly.

Eye doctor

Eye doctors call this Diabetic Maculopathy.

Bad eye

Your sight can suddenly get worse and become patchy.

Patches in your vision

You will not be able to see parts of what you look at.

Eye doctor

Eye doctors call this Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy.


People with diabetes may also have cataracts.


A cataract is when the lens in the eye becomes cloudy.

GP appointment

If you have diabetes you should:​

  • Go to all your health appointments
Eye test
  • Still go to the optician for an eye test every year
Healthy food
  • Ask your doctor about healthy food to eat
  • Take your medicine
  • Have a healthy lifestyle
Eye test

Having your eyes checked is the only way to find out if diabetes is making your eyesight worse.

Eye test

Your eye doctor can also tell you about treatments to make your eyes better.


Talk to your GP or optician if your eyesight changes or you are worried about your eyes.