Peer Educator Network

People with learning disabilities need to know how to look after their eyes.

They need to know about having regular eye tests and about wearing glasses. That's why we have our 'Opening Eyes' training course.

Lots of advocacy groups around the country are using Opening Eyes to train people about good eye care, which creates the Peer Educator Network.

We provide the training kit and resources and visit each group to show them how to deliver the training. We support the groups and ask them to give us feedback after they have delivered the training.

We are currently looking for more advocacy groups to deliver the Opening Eyes training. Please read the information on this page and contact us if you are interested. 

Interested in applying?

So far the groups have trained over 600 people with learning disabilities. If your group is interested in joining the network, please contact Steve Kill at

Which advocacy groups are delivering the training?

Click on each group for more information. If you can’t reach a group, please contact us.


Here are some of our resources used by advocacy groups who are delivering Opening Eyes training:

What the advocacy groups have said

"The trainers like being involved in the Opening Eyes training. All the group think it is good working with SeeAbility and they are very proud to have been involved. Bradford People First."

"SeeAbility is very good to work with, they provide plenty of resources and equipment and have put together a comprehensive training package. The training is a nice simple thing to do, it’s enjoyable, it’s educational and it helps people.Keighley and Craven People First."


If you have any questions about the Opening Eyes training, contact Steve Kill (National Manager - Eye Care and Vision) on 07738 040307 or email

Alternatively you can write to: Steve Kill, SeeAbility, Newplan House, 41 East St, Epsom KT17 1BL