Kiyana wearing glasses

Kiyana's story

Kiyana is a lively, fun-loving little girl who, thanks to SeeAbility, can now see her world more clearly.

Like many children with Down’s syndrome, Kiyana is long-sighted and needs to wear glasses. Regular frames didn’t fit at her temples and constantly slipped off her face. But SeeAbility’s dispensing optician found a lightweight frame with an adjustable bridge that fits perfectly on her nose.

A tailored fit

Kiyana’s Mum, Dee, says:

"SeeAbility has done a fantastic job finding just the right glasses for Kiyana. She looks after her glasses all by herself, keeping them clean and putting them away in their case properly.

"She loves wearing them all the time and she’s a different girl now. Kiyana has improved so much since wearing her glasses, we have seen a real difference and she is so much more confident."

Thanks to her specially-fitted glasses Kiyana can live the active life that means so much to her. You'll catch her in the gym crawling down a tunnel, playing ping-pong with her friends or jumping around on the trampoline. In short, she's able to muck around in the way any child should.

Kiyana playing on a trampoline

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