Our CEO Lisa Hopkins responds to harrowing Panorama programme

Yesterday’s harrowing Panorama programme comes after days of news around abusive practice and attitudes to people who have learning disabilities or who are autistic.

People who have learning disabilities or are autistic have been unnecessarily detained in institutions and denied access to the quality of care they deserve for far too long. Any plan for national reform and investment seems to have stalled, despite promises dating back to 2012.

We urgently need a properly integrated and funded social care system, based on respecting people’s rights to live within society, rather than at the fringes.

Social care has the potential to change lives and good community support has been proven to reduce the risk of admission into NHS funded placements. Read stories of people we support, who are able to do the things they enjoy within their community and live the life they choose.

SeeAbility has published a policy position statement, shaped by people we support, with ten recommendations for reforms. We talk about the dire need for a green paper on social care and the urgent need to transfer funding for support in the community; no surprises there.

But the major shift needed is for people who have learning disabilities who or are autistic and their families to be given the power and influence for systems to be accountable. Will the coming days and weeks see the real experts being given a genuine opportunity to influence? We wait to see.

Lisa Hopkins
SeeAbility CEO