Searching for a job

New employment resources launched

SeeAbility’s supported employment programme, Ready, Willing and Able, has launched new online resources to support people with disabilities who want to work, to take the next step. 

Studies have shown that many people with learning disabilities and autism want to work but are much more likely to be unemployed than those without disabilities.

A major barrier to finding work can be simply not knowing how to get started. Plenty of people don’t know what career they want, how to find where jobs are advertised or how to write a CV.

Ready, Willing and Able’s new free guides on our website are full of advice and tips for people getting started on their journey to finding work. In these brand new guides we cover how to choose a career, tips on creating your CV and where to search for a job.

For people ready to take another step towards work, the Ready, Willing and Able supported employment coaches are on hand to provide tailored 1 to 1 support and advice. If you have a learning disability or autism and are motivated and want to work, please get in touch by emailing our team at

Last year, we published a series of guides to help employers understand the benefits of hiring people with disabilities. They also offer advice on how to have an inclusive, equitable and accessible workplace.

You can find all our supported employment guides for people with disabilities or employers here.