Rebecca shows off her Steps Count tshirt while doing laps of the park

How Rebecca is making her ‘Steps Count’

When Eye Care Champion Rebecca Lunness witnessed Captain Sir Thomas Moore complete 100 laps of his garden to raise an overwhelming amount of money for the NHS, she felt encouraged to get involved with the growing movement he had started.

“He inspired me and millions of other people. I turned my TV on and thought – WOW – how tremendous, fantastic, inspiring. I was blown away.”

Captain Sir Tom’s determination and desire to make an impact motivated Rebecca to start thinking about what she could do to raise money for causes close to her heart. So, in May this year Rebecca participated in the Captain Tom 100 Challenge, walking 100 laps of Nuttall Park, and raised an incredible £646 for SeeAbility. 

“Without the strong Eye Care Champion team that I am a part of, a lot of people would not be aware of the importance of eye care in the way they are now. We raise a huge amount of awareness. I know that £646 could make a massive difference to not only the work I do, but to work going on across the charity.”

Rebecca enjoyed taking part in the Captain Tom 100 Challenge so much that in October she has decided to join in with our Steps Count challenge. Steps Count is all about empowering people to set themselves a target that is completely personal to them – enabling anyone who wants to get involved to know their hard work counts! Money raised during Steps Count will support SeeAbility’s work to improve inclusion within society and ensure everyone has the opportunity to live, love, thrive and belong.

“I am excited to be able to enjoy activities like dancing to my favourite music, walking to the shops and strolling around Nuttall Park, while showing my support for SeeAbility and inspiring others to make their ‘Steps Count’ too.”

Rebecca shows off her Steps Count tshirt while doing laps of the park

Thank you for all your commitment and enthusiasm, Rebecca!

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