Greg’s blog – finding ways to stay positive

Hi everyone Greg here again! I would like to start my second blog by paying tribute to all the people who have lost their lives because of COVID-19 and also to all the NHS, social care and other Key Workers out there saving lives.

So over the last few weeks I’ve been climbing the walls (metaphorically of course!) – I haven’t been outside in the world since the day of lockdown and it’s been difficult. Being outside is really important to me, doing something different and getting fresh air. In normal times I like to go and watch different sports and see my family, who I am really close to – it’s affected my mental health not being able to do these things.

However, I have got into using video calls to stay in contact with my friends and family, which has been great. And I know I’m not the only one missing sporting events, as they’ve been cancelled all over the country!

I would really like to thank the staff supporting me who have stepped up to the plate during this pandemic, being creative and thinking of ways to keep everyone entertained and not thinking so much about missing out on being outside.

One positive is that I’ve got better at chess over the last few weeks! I’m a novice but improving each day. Joe Wicks’ workouts and Captain Tom have both inspired me, so I took part in the 2.6 Challenge, where with the rest of the Associates Team we raised over £2,000 taking part in various challenges – I did 26 laps of my garden!

One thing I’ve learnt that I want to share with you is just to try and stay positive and keep busy!

It’s a case of finding a way to survive.

That’s all from me for now…