Gabby’s blog – top tips and an update on life at the moment

This experience of life in lockdown has been eye-opening and shown me how much change we can cope with.

I am at home with my family at the moment, so my support has changed a lot, with my Mum supporting my work and helping me stay busy. I have missed my care team and the fun we have together, but it is nice to see my family a lot. I miss seeing my extended family, but we’re planning a family party at the beach to celebrate the end of lockdown, whenever that is!

I’ve found it hard not being as independent, but by setting a timetable and trying new things, I’m able to stay busy and healthy. I’ve learnt some good tips on staying busy and keeping fit:

  • Try and get out every day for some fresh air, vitamin D and to see different things
  • Keep fit by trying something new – I am doing boxing with a punch bag, which is strengthening my arms. You could also try Zoom classes or YouTube keep fit videos
  • You don’t need expensive equipment – try even a tin of baked beans for weight training at home!
  • Try baking new things – I’m helping my Dad bake bread
  • Set a timetable for your week to maintain a routine
  • It might also helpful to write a diary or blog so you can make sense of your emotions and look back on this time in the future
  • I am working a lot to stay busy and keeping in contact with my work colleagues to stay connected with the outside world

Speaking of work, I think this lockdown could be a good thing in the end for helping people with disabilities find work. Because we are all now working from home, companies may realise not only is it possible, but it’s cheaper not having a big office. That might mean more people with disabilities can work remotely, which is a really good thing. With the right support, people with disabilities can contribute so much and make companies better and more inclusive.

More soon…