Gabby's blog - making changes

I’m Gabby and I’m an Associate for SeeAbility, working in a team that campaigns on the issues that matter to our community. During lockdown I have had to change what I do in my routine. Some of this has been good and some has been bad.

I am doing more work within my Associate role, which is good. However, lockdown has limited what I can do and taken away some independence. But I know it’s important to maintain this, so I’m trying to keep a good routine going. I’ve set up a timetable to help. 

I have tried wheelchair yoga to keep fit! Dad has also put up a punchbag for me. I am having Skype meetings and chats to keep in contact with people. Trying something new helps as well – I am planning to set up a Twitter account!

I went back to my family home so I don’t miss out on seeing them during the lockdown. I’ve been keeping in touch though with my friends at SeeAbility where I normally live, which has been great. I know staff have really been going the extra mile - They are working longer hours. They have kept away from their families so they can look after everyone. Ben, the manager, has set up a mini shop for everyone to use so they don’t have to go to the big supermarkets.

There are some staffing issues like everywhere in the country at the moment. Having new staff join the team would be helpful – it’s a great place to work!

The staff have been given PPE, but they could have had it sooner. Care staff need to be treated the same as NHS staff – they are equally essential to people’s everyday care needs.

I’ll be bringing you more updates on lockdown life soon!

Take care see you soon,



Comment from SeeAbility: This blog highlights some of the most significant challenges many social care providers are facing during this pandemic. SeeAbility is working closely with other charities and membership groups within the sector to make sure, after a slow start, social care is seen as an equal priority to the NHS – thank you Gabby for highlighting the petition. We would also love to see more people coming to work for our SeeAbility family and we continue to actively recruit for colleagues – find out why it’s such a great career.