Emily's blog - missing the outside world

I’m Emily, a member of the SeeAbility Associates Team, who campaign on the issues that matter to our community. We all have things to share, which we hope will make life better for others with learning disabilities, people who are autistic or who have sight loss.

We’re sharing our thoughts in this blog so people can understand what the coronavirus lockdown means to us as people with disabilities.

When I’m out with my friends I don’t feel like I’m disabled. I love being outside as it gives me a chance to meet other people in my community, make new friends and meet up with old friends for a catch up. With the lockdown, all that has changed.

I can’t do what I normally do and there’s not much chance to try new things. I feel a bit like I’m just banging my head up against four walls, because the only place we can go is the garden. The days when I usually go to church are the worst, because I’m reminded that I can’t see the people I miss.

I’m trying to stay connected with friends and family, but I’m finding it tough that I can only email or phone them rather than see them face to face.

I don’t adapt well to change, I really need a routine, so this is very difficult because my routine is broken. Sometimes I feel really anxious, so I now have to work out what I can do to reduce my anxiety. I’d recommend fitness sessions to others feeling in a similar way, as they are good for your body and your mind to stay healthy.

I’ll write again in a few weeks and share an update on how I’m feeling and how the lockdown continues to affect my life.


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