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Emily’s balance chart - My health

Our physical, mental and emotional health are all connected with our ability to live well and have a good life. If we’re feeling down, or are injured and unable to do our normal activities, we don’t have the ability to be as happy as we can be. It’s also important to seek help when needed to ensure our health doesn’t adversely impact our lives.

"I’m only a 3 out of 10 right now"

SeeAbility influencer Emily is using the LifeClubs balance chart to consider how well she is living now and what she can do to live better in the future.

Like many people, Emily has concerns about her health and feels that there is work to do before she is happy. When asked by the balance chart to score herself between 1 (very unhappy) and 10 (very happy), she gives her score and explains the reason:

"I’m only a 3. That’s because I’ve had a number of health changes and it’s taking me a while to get used to it. I’m so used to not having an answer when there’s a problem, it’s taking me a while to get my head round what it is."

It’s important to talk

Emily feels that not knowing what her physical health challenges are is causing her anxiety and stress. She says that being able to talk to someone about it is important:

"Not knowing leads to a lot of anxiety. It means everything else is a struggle. I find it really difficult to talk to other people sometimes. I know that you can’t just click your fingers, wave a magic wand and it’s done with. One piece of advice I’d give, even if you can’t do something about it, it’s still really important to talk about it because it affects your mental wellbeing."

Acknowledging your mental health needs is important. By understanding that you may need support, you can take the first steps towards getting better and feeling better within yourself. According to polling by Opinium, the majority of UK workers - two thirds - have struggled with their mental health throughout 2020. However the number of people taking time off to recover or seek support has fallen, with over half of those who did take time off saying they felt guilty doing so.

Diet makes a difference

Our health is complex and it doesn’t just stop with our mental or physical wellbeing. It can come down to our ability to eat and sleep well or perhaps whether we get enough exercise. Emily reflects on her own diet:

"Sometimes it’s fine but recently it’s gone to pieces. I’m snacking more, having lots of sugar, things like that. I know where I’m going wrong but I’m the only one that can correct it. I know it. At the end of the day, it doesn’t affect anyone else."

Making changes to your diet, exercise routines and sleep patterns can be challenging to start with but by taking small steps to improve them, you can make sure you’re living well. Check out our guide on where to begin.

Considering one final piece of advice she’d give herself, Emily says:

“Accept help before situations become too much to deal with.”

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