Conversation 1: Live

What does it really mean to live a good life?

A good life means something different to all of us. Here's what Emily told us:

"What does living a good life mean to me? Having as much independence as possible. Having freedom of choice. Having the right support in place. Having information in an accessible format."

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to feel valued for who they are.

That's why we believe it's time for a Big Conversation about what it really means to live a good life, and how we can all make little steps towards feeling more happy and fulfilled.

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‘What does it mean to live a good life?'

Once you've downloaded your balance chart, you'll see which areas of your life make you happy and which might need a little more work. To help you on your journey to self-improvement, we've collected a set of questions to ask yourself, as well as plenty of tips to help you bring about the change you're looking for.

Start with these BIG questions, and then work your way through the topics at the bottom of the page to help with each area of your balance chart. We'll add to these over time, so remember to return and see what big things you should be asking yourself each week.

  1. What does living a good life mean to you?
  2. What three things do you need to live a good life?
  3. When did you last feel you were living a good life?
  4. In which area of your balance chart do you find it easiest to live a good life?
  5. What kind of balance would you have in your ideal 'good life'?
  6. What one thing helps you most to feel balanced?
  7. What’s your favourite thing about yourself?
  8. What do other people like best about you?
  9. Why is being yourself important to you having a good life?
  10. What can you do to be more yourself?
  11. Why is looking after yourself important to having a good life?
  12. What can you do to look after yourself better?

We hope you’ll join our Big Conversation and share your experiences or your opinions on what it means to live a good life!

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