Emily smiles in her garden wearing a bright pink shirt

In conversation with Emily... on relationships

As part of SeeAbility’s Big Conversation, we sat down with our influencer Emily to talk about how her relationships support her to live well and have a good life. She offers insight into her experiences and reflects on what others can do to improve their relationships.

Emily, how would you describe your happiness with your relationships?

I’d say I’m quite happy. I’m fine with most people. There’s the odd few I fall out with, but don’t we all? On the whole, I’m trying to think about how I can make the relationships work as well as I can, whilst expecting the other person to do their bit too.

How do you think you could be happier?

More listening to what’s being said and not jumping in too quickly. I should wait more for the other person to finish what they’re saying and give them a chance to explain. Also, not expecting somebody else to always be able to do something that they say they’re going to be able to do.

What keeps your relationships strong?

It’s understanding that everyone needs emotional support sometimes. Or we might just have a laugh about things. It’s letting them help me and enabling me to help someone else.

If you were to pick three things that enable you to have a strong relationship, what would you pick?

Being a good listener, communication and understanding.

How important would you say having friends is to living a good life?

It’s really important, everyone needs friends but it’s also important to build on your relationships - There’s effort to be made on both parts.

Thinking also about how you could improve your own relationships, what advice would you give to other people to improve their relationships?

It’s about listening and trying to understand the person you’re trying to connect with. Having time and patience to understand why people think differently. Understanding their point of view. You don’t have to agree on someone’s point of view. It’s about accepting that everyone’s different.

That’s great advice! Would you offer any other advice for those who may be struggling to form relationships?

Find someone you’re comfortable speaking to and share how you’re feeling. It’s not always easy, trust me, I’ve been there. Finding someone you trust to talk to and if you can’t verbally talk to them, put it in an email, write it down. You’ve got time to think about things.

If you could pick one thing that you will try to improve on in order to help your relationships be stronger, what would it be?

Having more patience and being a bit more tolerant. Also, accepting that sometimes it is difficult to help your friend.

What about romantic relationships, what advice would you share from your own experiences?

If you’ve got a relationship going, boyfriend or girlfriend, and so on. Don’t feel too pressured if you feel that needs to end. Someone might get hurt but if it’s not making you happy don’t feel like you need to stay in that relationship.


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