Living Beyond Expectation Appeal

Robert as a young child before his diagnosis

“To be told you’ll lose your child is the worst thing that can happen to a parent. Your whole world falls apart.”

Pam and Gary, Robert’s parents

Pam and Gary were told by a neurologist that if their son Robert, who’d just been diagnosed with a rare degenerative disease, lived to be 30, he’d be doing well. Robert lived until he was a unbelievable 33 years old. Pam and Gary say:

“We know in our hearts his life was extended by the level of expert support and the beautiful setting at his SeeAbility home.”

Today, we’re asking you to please support our ‘Living Beyond Expectation Appeal’ with a donation. A donation of any size will enable SeeAbility to continue to provide expert support for more people like Robert to live life beyond expectations and achieve things they or others never thought possible.  

Thanks to the Family Building Society, the first £2,500 raised will be doubled, meaning your donation will go twice as far.