Introducing our supported employment coaches

A supported employment programme wouldn’t get its name without the support, and we pride ourselves in offering some of the best employment support out there.

This is all delivered by our small team of friendly supported employment coaches. They’re the heart of our programme and the work we do wouldn’t be possible without them.

From the start of the journey to employment at the end, they use their knowledge, experience, and friendly personalities to ensure the process is smooth and enjoyable.

Rhian Airey

Rhian – also known as Rhi - is our proud Welsh girl, who has over 15 years of experience working with the youth, criminal justice and social care sectors.

She remembers being told in school that she’d never do anything with her life, an opinion that she was determined to prove wrong, and did when she proudly graduated university.

Rhi has always struggled with academic writing and was diagnosed with dyslexia in her twenties. She says she’d much rather do something creative than write and she loves working hard to help others achieve what they want to in life.

Bristol is Rhian’s home with her dog Gizmo and when she’s not supporting our employment programme participants in South West England, you’ll find her at a music festival or with friends and family in a city centre restaurant.

Fun fact: Rhi was honoured to carry the Commonwealth Games baton through her home-town of Cardiff in 2002.

Rasha Muhi-Edin

On the other side of the country, you’ll find Rasha. Rasha has over 8 years of experience working with young people with disabilities and has a degree in psychology. She’s currently studying her Masters in Special Educational Needs, Disability and Inclusive Education.

Rasha says she doesn’t accept the word ‘no’ and has always used this mindset to achieve her goals. She also firmly believes that anyone can achieve what they aspire to and loves to see this in Ready, Willing and Able’s participants.

Exploring new cultures and cuisines is a passion for Rasha and she loves to travel to experience both. Her ability to speak both Arabic and English broadens her horizons even more. You’ll find her spending her spare time with friends and family or maybe watching a documentary.

Fun fact: Rasha has a cheeky African grey parrot who loves to learn new tricks and can also speak Arabic and English. 

Lewis Gordon

Lewis is our most northerly coach, located in Grimsby on the east coast of England. He joined the programme in March 2022 and brings with him a wealth of experience in supported employment, mental health and education. 

He describes himself as having a “love for learning”, with a desire to find solutions to complex problems. Lewis’ degree in philosophy might go some way to explaining that. He’s also a lifelong Christian and uses the values of his faith to support others of all abilities.

In his spare time, he enjoys playing video games, especially retro ones like Spyro and Crash Bandicoot. However, he also looks to the future and enjoys augmented reality and other emerging technologies. You can also often find him travelling the country with his girlfriend and his very spoilt dog.

Fun fact: Lewis is a campanologist. That doesn’t mean he’s an avid fan on camping. Instead, it means he can ring church bells at various events, including weddings.

Volunteers please!

We’d love to offer our support to even more people and our supported employment coaches are always very busy, so we’re looking for enthusiastic volunteers to be our supported employment buddies.

Buddies will offer 2 hours of their week to support our participants. It could be helping them to search for jobs or maybe offering support to attend an interview.

If you’re able to support us in making sure everyone has the opportunity to work, please get in touch by emailing